How you can help

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We appreciate your consideration in support of the work we do on behalf of persons with disabilities.  We are in continual need of funding for all of our initiatives, and we approach a diverse collection of entities toward this end.  While we engage in a number of fundraising efforts throughout the year, we also seek direct contributions from donors and sponsors.  We benefit enormously from the exposure that comes with partnering with other businesses, just as we believe that other businesses benefit from their connection to the work that we do.  Promotion of our own businesses increases all of the opportunities we provide to persons with disabilities (employment, therapy, social and recreational), and we recognize and promote the contributions of all groups, individuals and businesses in all of our media.

The Bridges Foundation is comprised of people who have worked in both the private and public sector for many years, and have experienced the limitations of state and federal services for people with special needs (limits on service parameters, eligibility, and funding availability).  All of these people volunteer their time and energy toward the Foundation with the hope of creating a new paradigm in providing service to individuals with disabilities.  We hope to blend the best aspects of the non-profit sector with what we believe is the tremendous untapped potential in the private sectors to work together in achieving economic and personal prosperity for everyone involved: assisting persons with disabilities while providing the public with products and services worthy of their dollar, and seeing everyone profit fiscally all at the same time: offering people with special needs that sense of “giving back” and the value of community service in general.

Please review the page “What Your Gift Can Mean” and consider how you can contribute to our efforts!  We very much appreciate your consideration, time and thought and we look forward to hearing from you!