What Your Gift Can Mean

Thank you for considering a donation or sponsorship of an individual, program or service offered by The Bridges Foundation.  Whether your donation is monetary, volunteering of your time or expertise, or offering items of need, at whatever level of giving your support helps!  Any and all offerings are greatly appreciated; here are some specific ways you can make a difference:

Total expenditures for a full year of Foundation activities in 2016 ran to $232,800.  Plans for 2017 include the further expansion of our Mindful Bridges Family Outreach Services in New Hampshire and Maine. New socialization and community activities are planned in areas of Movement & Dance, Film-making, and Meditation/Empowerment. Marketing efforts targeting our Weighted Blankets and Vests are being undertaken throughout New England with the hope of expanding to a more nation-wide audience online. The projected expenses for 2017 as a result are rising to $300,000.  Income from L-oma Buckwheat Pillows, along with fundraising activities by the Foundation, are anticipated to cover $200,000 of this amount, with donations and sponsorship covering the remainder.

The Foundation routinely receives requests from individuals with disabilities and their families, and case managers, for donations of Weighted Blankets and Vests; these items typically cost $100 apiece, and any sponsorship toward these items puts a therapeutic item directly in the hands of a person with disabilities.

The Arts are heavily supported by the Foundation, and the individuals that volunteer their leadership in these activities.  Art and music therapy have comprised annual costs of around $3000; donations of $50 to sponsor individual clients for a full year of therapeutic recreation opportunities are appreciated.  Groups that develop daily living and social skills such as our weekly Cooking Group and biweekly Relationship Group have been regularly attended, and donations of food/sponsorship are greatly appreciated, with a cost per Cooking Group of approximately $100. Sales of fundraising items such as cookbooks, and smaller efforts such as car washes, bake sales and bottle drives also make an impact.

The Foundation supports individuals and teams in Maine’s Special Olympics participation and major recreation events (for example basketball game for Special Olympics team to play fundraising game at the Boston Garden with the Celtics).  Athletic activities have currently cost $7500 annually; a gift of even $300 can sponsor an individual for a year of activity.

Both L-oma and the Foundation currently invest in promotional activities for increased visibility and community awareness for both L-oma and the Foundation on a variety of media.  Current expenditures for the past year of $5500 also paid for attendance fees at conferences, fairs and craft shows where we sell our products (and our consumers attend).  The greater our audience and the greater awareness exists of the work that is being done, the greater the work for our clients.

Gifts of individual or business products for use as online auction items or direct donations to or for persons in need are also greatly appreciated!

Lastly, shopping at our online organic buckwheat pillow store helps create more work for our employees and spreads the word about the value and quality of our products!

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