Respite Services

We recognize that having a family member who has a sensitivity, disability or other challenge can be a very stressful and exhausting experience (especially over time!) and that the need for a break to rest and recover one’s energies is vitally important. We also recognize that each family is unique and that different types of respite can be helpful in each situation. Because of this we offer respite services that can be provided in the family home, as well as in the home of the potential provider.

Currently the Foundation’s service area is Northern New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and northern Massachusetts), and southern Quebec province; respite providers host individuals in their homes for predetermined periods of time, and/or providers may stay in family homes to caretake for both individuals and the family home, or can be provided on an hourly basis in the community.

Please contact us to discuss the details of your specific needs and we’ll be happy to work to match you with a respite provider you’ll be comfortable with (you always meet with any prospective provider before work begins)!

Respite services also provide us an opportunity to better get to know your family member, and potentially identify other services that your family might benefit from (ie. Family Outreach).

Respite services are not limited to a specific minimum or maximum number of days or hours, can be for a person of any age and for any potential reason (ie. needing a break, doctor’s appointment, vacation, etc.)

Families do not need to be receiving or utilizing any other service or support from The Bridges Foundation to access Respite Services.

Respite services are on a private pay fee-for-service basis only, please contact us for details of current fee structure and payment options. This is a service that is truly tailored to your individual family’s needs!