Vocational Programs

The Bridges Foundation was the recipient of a remarkable donation in 2005 of the L-oma Buckwheat Pillow business by its founder, Heidi Fogarty. Heidi’s desire was to donate her business to a non-profit organization that would use it to help others, and her wishes and the Foundation’s mission were a perfect match.

Since taking over operations of L-oma Buckwheat Pillows, the Foundation has been able to create part-time work for individuals with developmental disabilities making and selling the company’s products, and they are now involved in all aspects of the operation of the business. Virtually any ability level can be accommodated; while some workers have been to assume complete responsibility for some aspects of the business, others have been able to master one task which they find fulfilling and are necessary.

Types of work involved in the business include but are not limited to the following:

• Filling pillow cases, blankets and vests with buckwheat; filling lavender sachets
• Weighing the pillows
• Stamping and labeling products
• Sewing pillow cases, blankets vests
• Making shipping boxes
• Processing shipping
• Cleaning of work areas and shop
• Clerking in the store and customer service
• Filling orders

Whether someone arrives already possessing skills sets or this is a first-time job experience, the Foundation makes every effort to match an individual with work which they will both be able to succeed in completing and which they find gratifying.

Bridges Foundation workers

Please contact us for more information if you’re interested about our business and work opportunities, or if you have a business opportunity with you feel might be of interest to the Foundation, we’d love to hear from you!